Volleyball battles in first day of Trojan Classic

ALABAMA- The Southern University Volleyball team traveled to Troy, Alabama to compete in the annual two-day Trojan Classic this weekend. The Jaguars took on the Bulldogs of Citadel in their first match of the tournament, falling 3-2.




The Bulldogs won the coin toss to have the game-opening serve, but the Jaguars put up the first point. The game tipped off with an assist and kill by Princess Stark and Shelby Jolly. The Bulldogs returned the next point, and the Jaguars answered with a kill by Brianna Hawkins, handing Princess Stark another assist. The Bulldogs began to take off with the set as they went on a 9-0 scoring run. With the score at 10-2, the Jaguars answer with block by Brianna Hawkins. The Bulldogs kept their run and the lead until they took the set, 25-15.




The second set was opened with a kill by the Bulldogs, but the Jaguars quickly answered with an assist and a kill from Princess Stark and Brianna Hawkins. The Jaguars eventually came back to put the game within two points (12-10) before Citadel took their first timeout. The Jaguars came out of the timeout to score another point, but the Bulldogs took a 2-point run before the Jaguars used their first timeout of the set. A kill by Jada Carter put the game within one point at 15-14 with the Bulldogs still leading. Two kills by Shelby Jolly and a combined block by Shelby Jolly and Xaria Taylor brought the game back within one point again, 23-22. Brianna Hawkins put a game-changing kill down to tie the score at 24. Jada Carter returned with another kill for the Jaguars that put them on top and in position for the match point. The Jaguars edged the Bulldogs in set 2 finishing with a block kill by Xaria Taylor and Brianna Hawkins.




A service error by the Bulldogs and a kill by Brianna Hawkins gave the Jaguars the first two points of the third set. An ace by Citadel tied the score up at 4. A kill by Shelby Jolly and a block by Xaria Taylor put the Jaguars within a one-pint reach of the Bulldogs, 10-9. After a ball handling error and two Bulldog aces, the Jaguars were forced to call their first timeout with the score at 13-9. Southern returned three points after the timeout tying the score at 13. The Jaguars and the Bulldogs went back and forth until a block by Shelby Jolly tied the score for the third time at 18. Southern called another timeout once the Bulldogs got the score to 20-18. Shelby Jolly and Princess Stark answered each with a kill and Arabella Hall with an assist for Stark tying the game at 20. The game became tied at 23 with an attack error from the Bulldogs. Brianna Hawkins scored on a kill putting the Jaguars up by 1. A  block kill by Arabella Hall wrapped up the set for the Jaguars, 25-23.





The fourth set was much like the first set. The Bulldogs got out on top first, then the Jaguars were able to answer quickly as Brianna Hawkins scored with a kill. The Jaguars ended a small lead run as Xaria Taylor and Princess Stark recorded another kill and assist. The set came as close as a five-point deficit for the Jaguars. Citadel stole set four, 25-16.




The Jaguars battled from behind the entire fifth set as they were retired by the Bulldogs, 15-11. Citadel scored their first four points of off errors by Southern. Brianna Hawkins (kill) had the first answered point for the Jaguars making the score 4-3. Southern called the first timeout when Citadel ran 8-3. The Jaguars brought the game a little closer with the help of two kills from Shelby Jolly and Jada Carter and an ace from Carter. The Jaguars were able to score three more points before being retired by the Bulldogs.