BATON ROUGE, La. -- Athlete for Hope University division announced the AFH U Athlete, Coach and team of the Year at their inaugural AFH U End of the Year Recognition Event to honor student-athletes, teams, coaches and community partners for their service this past school year.

Southern University volleyball player Arbella Hall, soccer head coach Jeremy Fontenot, and the soccer program were honored in Baton Rouge, Tuesday, February 2.

Over the past five years, AFH U has facilitated its workshops with teams at Ohio State University, Michigan State University, Louisiana State University, Southern, Tulane University, University of Connecticut, University of Virginia, and the University of Southern California, due to the hard work of the student-athletes at University of Virginia, LSU and Southern.

14 sports from Southern University participates in Athletes for Hope. Baseball was honored at the 2018 JAGSPY (Southern annual athletic banquet) last season.

Hall has participated in the program for the past three years, she got started in 2016 with the help of a former teammate. She worked with Kenya Warren-Hollins the program director at Athletes for hope.

Mrs. Warren-Hollins a Southern University Alumnus and former Miss Southern explained that Hall has been instrumental in the success of the program at Progress Elementary, at the onset of the program the Volleyball team visited once a month, Hall exceeded that amount and started to go every Friday. Hall became an asset to the school community helping with P.E. and school activities, she helped get the kids physically active and teach them the life of a student-athlete.

"I am very thankful, I love doing community service, in the surrounding Baton Rouge area..." said Junior Arbella Hall, in receiving the award, she continued "...I grew up learning to give back to my community."

Southern's Soccer program took home the team and coach of the year award. Mrs. Warren-Hall explained the leadership of the Soccer program and the things he instills in his players to be all around people in academics, athletes and service it definitely shows in the action of his team.

"I love working with Southern Soccer they have the team dynamic,..." said Mrs. Warren-Hall, she continues to say "if there is an event the whole team is showing up, they come out in numbers and full of energy."