Southern University Police urges fans to arrive early before kick-off for all Southern University  home football games at A.W. Mumford Stadium to help with the ease of traffic flow. 

Drivers who park in the paid/reserve lots must have their hangtags visible on the vehicles or risk being towed and/or ticketed. Contraflow may begin earlier than designated if need be. Additional reserve parking will be available at the MLK Catholic Center. Call the SU ticket office at 225-771-3171 for details.

Also, the areas on Isabel Herson Drive, near the Southern University Laboratory School, will be available for parking. General parking, which is $10, will only be made available on Saturday.

Designated limited mobility parking areas will be available on a first come basis. Shuttles will be available in certain areas to bring fans to the stadium. Please see the Limited Mobility/Reserved Lot manifest for a complete list of lots and available shuttle locations

Southern University Football Game Traffic Plan


There are a limited number of game day RV and tailgating spots available, call 225-771-3171 for more info. Individual vehicles will not be allowed to park in RV lots. All motor homes and fifth-wheelers must park in the areas designated for motor homes. If you will be towing a vehicle, you must purchase a parking permit for the vehicle and park it in the designated lot that corresponds to the permit.

Traffic on Campus during Normal Traffic Flow

  • Traffic onto campus by way of Harding Boulevard.
    • The right lane of Harding Boulevard is for Decal Reserved Parking Lots A, B, and D (Mini Dome and Stadium Parking).
    • The left lane of Harding Boulevard is for Decal Reserved Parking Lots, E, V, U and MLK
    • Game day bus parking should enter on Harding and proceed to E.C.  Harrison Drive. Parking is $200 for all non-SU Alumni/Booster Clubs.
    • General parking should enter through Mills Avenue or Swan Avenue. Parking is $10 per car.

*Any decal entering the Mini Dome maybe allowed to pass through the Mini Dome parking area if it is not Lot D to get their designated decal parking area.

Traffic onto campus by way of Swan Avenue will be able to get to Lots A, B, C, F, G, H, and I.

* Any decals entering Swan Ave. may be allowed to get to Lots A, B, or D also.

Traffic onto campus by way of B. A. Little Dr. from Mills Avenue will be able to get to Lots C, F, G, H, and I.

* Any decals entering B. A. Little Dr. may be allowed to get to Lots A, B, or D also.

All traffic that is not going to a reserved lot must park in a general parking area.

  • Traffic onto Harding Boulevard.
    • Bradford Hall Parking Lot
    • Human Resources Parking Lot
    • Parking lot on the Scott's Bluff
    • Archives Parking Lot
    • Museum Parking Lot
    • Law Center Parking Lot
    • Mayberry Dining Hall Parking Lot
  • Traffic onto Swan Avenue.  
    • The grass area east of Isabel Herson Street.
    • The grass area north of the Southern Laboratory practice field.
    • The grass area north of Isabel Herson Street.  
  • Traffic onto B. A. Little Dr. from Mills Avenue.
    • The grass area to the south of Mills Ave. and west of B. A. Little Drive.
    • The grass area to the south of Mills Ave. and east of B. A. Little Drive.
    • The parking lot area at the Ashford O. Williams Hall (Agriculture Building)

Traffic on Campus during Contra-flow Traffic

  • Harding Blvd. Contra-flow Traffic
    • All lanes will be inbound.
    • Contra-flow Traffic will start at 3 p.m. or earlier if necessary.

Tailgating Rules

  • For safety reasons, fans are not allowed to bring four wheelers, ATVs or motorized scooters: otherwise known as non-licensed vehicles, on campus on game day.
  • Patron must utilize only the space they purchased and were assigned.
  • Food, drink and other items may not be sold: however, tailgaters may give their personal guests as much food and drink as they wish. Industrial cookers will not be allowed in the parking lots.
  • Trash and other materials may not be dumped on University Grounds.
  • Amplifiers and sound equipment must be confined to patron’s vehicles and must not be objectionable to others.
  • Vehicles will be granted access to lots assigned to them via their parking permits. No “drop off” permits will be issued. Patrons will not be allowed to drop off food or supplies to other atrons without possessing the proper permit.
  • Tailgating activities must not interfere with travel lanes in parking lots. Tables, chairs, tents, and other materials must not block travel lanes.
  • Tailgating must not interfere with, nor obstruct parking in parking lots. A parking permit entitles the holder to park a vehicle and is not designed as a means to reserve a space for someone else. Only one space per pass.
  • All motor homes must have exhaust extensions going to the top of the motor home. The exhaust levels can be dangerously high in a confined, well-populated area.