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Southern University Athletics Department

A.W. Mumford Field House, 1 Swan St., Baton Rouge, La. 70813
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Administration (225) 771-2712
Name Position (225) 771-
Roman Banks Director of Athletics 5609 Rodney_Kirschner
Trayvean D. Scott Executive Athletic Director -- Trayvean_Scott
Lashonda Stirgus Chief Financial Officer/SWA 3046 Lashonda_Stirgus
Christopher Jones Associate Athletic Director of Media Relations 3496 Christopher_Jones
Tanganika Johnson Faculty Athletics Representative Tanganika_Johnson
Denise Rankins Director of Corporate Sponsorships Denise_Rankins
Savanna Smith Associate Director for Development/Marketing Savanna_Smith
Rodney Kirschner Chief of Staff 5609 Rodney_Kirschner
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Athletic Compliance
Name Position (225) 771-
Karmen C. King Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance -- Karmen_King
Ahvery Thomas Compliance Coordinator -- Ahvery_Thomas
Permission to Contact/Tracers athletic_compliance
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Academic Services/Student-Athlete Development
Name Position (225) 771-
Phillip Pinkston Director of Academic Services (FB Defense, MBB, Baseball 5455 Phillip_Pinkston
A'Jennae Dillion Director of Student-Athlete Development (FB Offense, WBB, Tennis, VB) 2955 Ajennae_Dillion
Jonathon Wilson Academic Advisor (MTAF, WTAF, WBOWL) 5455 Jonathon_Wilson
Taylor Dampeer Academic Advisor (SOC, SB) 2955 Taylor_Dampeer
Student-Athlete Support Services
Name Position (225) 771-
Ajohnee Rodney
Director of Student-Athlete Support Services
Fiscal Affairs
Name Position (225) 771-
Lashonda Stirgus Chief Financial Officer/SWA 3046 Lashonda_Stirgus
Marketing/Corporate Sponsorships
Name Position (225) 771-
Khadijah Campbell Director for Development
Denise Rankins Director of Corporate Sales Denise_Rankins
Savannah Smith Savannah_Smith
Sports Information/Media Relations
Name Position (225) 771-
Christopher Jones Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations (FB, VB, WBB, BB, Bowling) 3495 Christopher_Jones
Herman Shelton Assistant Sports Information Director (2ND FB, Soc, XC/TF, MBB, SB) 3495 | 713-540-3606 Herman_Shelton
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Ticket Office (225) 771-3191
Name Position (225) 771-
Aretha Hunt Assistant Athletic Director for Ticket Sales 3171 Aretha_Hunt
Lakisha Franklin Assistant Ticket Manager 3171 Lakisha_Franklin
Rosalind Celestine Ticket Specialist 3171 Tosalind_Celestine
Name Position (225)771-
Derek Price Director of Equipment/Facilities Services Derek_Price
Freidsburg Gray Assistant Equipment Manager Freidsburg_Grey
Donnie Williams --
Sports Medicine
Name Position (225)771
William Word Director of Sports Medicine (FB, MBB) 2016 William_Word
Ben Huver Assistant Director of Sports Medicine (FB, WBB,Baseball) 4524 Benjamin_Huver
Strength & Conditioning
Name Position (225)771
Tony Webb Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Tony_Webb
James McMurchy Main Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (MBB, WBB, Football, Baseball) James_McMurchy
Thomas Coronado Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Football) Thomas_Coronado
Laramie Immel Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (VB, T&F, XC, FB) Laramie_Immel
Moses Girod Strength & Conditioning Intern
Paul Biliski Strength & Conditioning Intern
TJ Jackson Strength & Conditioning Intern
Daniel Wheeler Strength & Conditioning Intern

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