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Athletics Administration - 2017-18 Athletic Directory Coaches/Sports Staff
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Banks, Roman Director of Athletics 225-771-5609 eMail Roman Banks
Castello, Lealon Head Athletic Groundkeeper 225-933-3662 eMail Lealon Castello
Celestine, Rosalind Ticket Specialist 225-771-3171 eMail Rosalind Celestine
Dillon, Ajennae Associate Director of Student-Athlete Development/CHAMPS 225-771-2955
Jones, Christopher Associate Athletics Director/Media Relations 225-771-3791 eMail Christopher Jones
King, Karmen Director of Athletics Compliance 225-771-5930 eMail Karmen King
Kirschner, Rodney Assistant to the A.D. 225-771-5609 eMail Rodney Kirschner
Pinkston, Phillip Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services 225-771-5455 eMail Phillip Pinkston
Price, Derek Head Equipment Manager 225-771-2453 eMail Derek Price
Scott, Trayvean Associate Athletics Director/Institutional Compliance 225-771-5930 eMail Trayvean Scott
Smith, Pamela Associate Athletics Director/Internal/SWA 225-771-5908 eMail Pamela Smith
Stirgus, Lashonda Associate Athletics Director/Fiscal Affairs 225-771-3046 eMail Lashonda Stirgus
Tabron, Lovie Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine 225-771-2016 eMail Lovie Tabron
Thomas, Ahvery Compliance Coordinator 225-771-5930 eMail Ahvery Thomas
Hunt, Aretha Assistant Athletics Director for Tickets 225-771-4191 eMail Aretha Hunt
Franklin, Lakisha Assistant Ticket Manager 225-771-4192 eMail Lakisha Franklin
Bowie, Welton F.G. Clark Activity Center Director 225-771-4500 eMail Welton Bowie
Grey, Friedsburg Assistant Equipment Manager 225-771-5382 eMail Friedsburg Grey
McMurchy, James Interim Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 225-771-2294

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