Coaches 2017-18 Season


Roman Banks Athletic Director (225) 771-5609 eMail Roman Banks
Tanganika Johnson Faculty Athletics Representative (225) 771-3074 eMail Tanganika Johnson
Dr. Trayvean Scott Executive Associate Athletic Director (225) 771-5930 eMail Dr. Trayvean Scott
Lashonda Stirgus Chief Financial Officer (225) 771-3046 eMail Lashonda Stirgus
Christopher Jones Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations (225) 771-3495 eMail Christopher Jones
Denise Rankins Director of Corporate Sponsorships (225) 413-2813 eMail Denise Rankins
Savanna Smith Director for Development eMail Savanna Smith
Aretha Hunt Assistant Athletics Director for Tickets (225) 771-4191 eMail Aretha Hunt
Rodney Kirschner Assistant A.D./Chief of Staff (225) 771-5609 eMail Rodney Kirschner
Pedro Cipriano Assistant Coach (225) 771-4313 eMail Pedro Cipriano
Chrys Cornelius Assistant Coach eMail Chrys Cornelius
Jethro Hillman Assistant Coach (225) 771-3861 eMail Jethro Hillman
Kedrick Brown Director of Player Development eMail Kedrick Brown
Jeremy Bonin Assistant Coach eMail Jeremy Bonin
Carlos Funchess Assistant Coach (225) 771-2412 eMail Carlos Funchess
TJ Pugh Assistant Coach
Rose Fogg Head Coach (225) 771-3174 eMail Rose Fogg
Charmaine Darden Head Coach (225) 771-2462 eMail Charmaine Darden
Dawson Odums Head Coach (225) 771-5989 eMail Dawson Odums
Chennis Berry Offensive Coordinator / Offensive Line (225) 771-4429 eMail Chennis Berry
Steve Adams Special Teams/Safeties (225) 771-5901 eMail Steve Adams
Chris Coleman Assistant Football Coach - Wide Receivers (225) 771-3170 eMail Chris Coleman
Matt Leone Assistant Coach / Quarterbacks (225) 771-5904 eMail Matt Leone
Javon Allen Graduate Assistant
Marcus Bradley Graduate Assistant
Skyler Jones Graduate Assistant (225) 771-3070 eMail Skyler Jones
Kevin King Graduate Assistant
Ashton Warner Graduate Assistant eMail Ashton Warner
John Garris Head Coach (225) 771-4163 eMail John Garris
Ed Monroe Assistant Coach (225) 771-4163 eMail Ed Monroe
Jeremy Fontenot Head Coach (225) 771-3052 eMail Jeremy Fontenot
Sheneaka Wright Graduate Assistant (225) 771-3052 eMail Sheneaka Wright
Jeffrey Conyers Head Coach (225) 771-2403 eMail Jeffrey Conyers
Teremine White Head Coach (225) 771-0297 eMail Teremine White
Charmaine Darden Assistant Coach (225) 771-2462 eMail Charmaine Darden
Jimmy Joseph Assistant Coach (225) 771-4024 eMail Jimmy Joseph
Venessa Jacobs Head Coach (225) 771-3184 eMail Venessa Jacobs