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Coaches 2014-15 Season Athletics Directory
Dan Canevari Assistant Coach (225) 771-3172 eMail Dan Canevari
Elliott Jones ASSISTANT COACH (225) 771-3172 eMail Elliott Jones
Men's Basketball
Roman Banks Interim A.D./Head MBB Coach (225) 771-5609 eMail Roman Banks
Morris Scott Associate Head Coach eMail Morris Scott
Rodney Kirschner Assistant to the Head Coach (225) 771-5609 eMail Rodney Kirschner
Pedro Cipriano Assistant Coach eMail Pedro Cipriano
Jethro Hillman Assistant Coach eMail Jethro Hillman
Ebony Paschall Team Manager
Women's Basketball
Sandy Pugh Head Coach
Carlos Funchess Assistant Coach (225) 771-2412 eMail Carlos Funchess
TJ Pugh Assistant Coach
Women's Bowling
Rose Fogg Head Coach (225) 771-3174 eMail Rose Fogg
Combined Cross Country
Charmaine Darden Head Coach (225) 771-2462 eMail Charmaine Darden
Dawson Odums Head Coach
Chennis Berry Assistant Head Coach / Co-Offensive Coordinator / Offensive Line Coach (225) 771-3170 eMail Chennis Berry
Chris Coleman Assistant Football Coach - Wide Receivers (225) 771-3170 eMail Chris Coleman
John Garris Head Coach (225) 771-4163 eMail John Garris
Ashanti Shepherd Head Coach eMail Ashanti Shepherd
Megan Maile Graduate Assistant
Women's Tennis
Jeffrey Conyers HEAD COACH (225) 771-2403 eMail Jeffrey Conyers
Track and Field
Teremine White Head Coach (225) 771-0297 eMail Teremine White
Jimmy Joseph Assistant Coach (225) 771-4024 eMail Jimmy Joseph
Venessa Jacobs Head Coach (225) 771-3184 eMail Venessa Jacobs

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