Coaches 2018-19 Season


Roman Banks Athletic Director (225) 771-5609
Lashonda Stirgus Senior Woman Administrator (225) 771-3046 eMail Lashonda Stirgus
Christopher Jones Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations (225) 771-3495 eMail Christopher Jones
Denise Rankins Director of Corporate Sponsorships eMail Denise Rankins
Sean Woods Head Coach eMail Sean Woods
Pedro Cipriano Assistant Coach (225) 771-4313 eMail Pedro Cipriano
Jethro Hillman Assistant Coach (225) 771-3861 eMail Jethro Hillman
Martiese Morones Assistant Coach
Ryan Price Assistant Coach (225) 771-3861 eMail Ryan Price
Carlos Funchess Head Coach (225) 771-2412 eMail Carlos Funchess
Jeremy Bonin Assistant Coach eMail Jeremy Bonin
Majorie Cotton Assistant Coach
T.J. Pugh Assistant Coach
Adrian Sanders Assistant Coach eMail Adrian Sanders
India John Graduate Assistant
Rose Fogg Head Coach eMail Rose Fogg
Charmaine Darden Head Coach (225) 771-2462 eMail Charmaine Darden
Dawson Odums Head Coach (225) 771-5989 eMail Dawson Odums
Chennis Berry Offensive Coordinator / Offensive Line (225) 771-4429 eMail Chennis Berry
Steve Adams Special Teams/Linebackers (225) 771-5901 eMail Steve Adams
Chris Coleman Assistant Football Coach - Wide Receivers (225) 771-3170 eMail Chris Coleman
Skyler Jones Assistant Coach/Defensive Line
Matt Leone Assistant Coach / Quarterbacks (225) 771-5904 eMail Matt Leone
LaQuaid Manago Assistant Football Coach - Tight Ends / Video Coordinator (225) 771-3175 eMail LaQuaid Manago
Trei Oliver Defensive Coordinator / Safties eMail Trei Oliver
Ashton Warner Assistant Coach/Running Backs
Lionel Washington Cornerbacks eMail Lionel Washington
Christopher Clark Graduate Assistant
Micheal Olinde Graduate Assistant
Mallikah Little Travel Coordinator
Tommy Sherman Wilson Director of Football Operations eMail Tommy Sherman Wilson
Jeremy Fontenot Head Coach (225) 771-3052 eMail Jeremy Fontenot
Patrick Ritter Volunteer Coach
Sheneaka Wright Graduate Assistant
Jeffrey Conyers Head Coach (225) 771-2403 eMail Jeffrey Conyers
Teremine White Head Coach (225) 771-0297 eMail Teremine White
Charmaine Darden Assistant Coach (225) 771-2462 eMail Charmaine Darden
Freddie Glover Assistant Coach eMail Freddie Glover
Venessa Jacobs Head Coach (225) 771-3184 eMail Venessa Jacobs